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Shutterfly Q4 2022 Paid Social Transformation

Art Director & Designer

As the Art Director of the newly formed paid social team, I supported the objective to improve the channel results through direct response video ads and more effective statics. By implementing a new process, we were able to decrease spend by 42% year-over-year, and achieved a 6% increase in channel revenue. Overall, we saw an 83% improvement in ROAS.

We conducted fast tests with the channel marketing team to determine best practices before the critical phase of the quarter. After learning from the test phase, we set up a creative operation for Q4. I helped to set up and direct three of the four separate paths to video production: high production value video through our internal photo studio, UGC content through a content creator platform, UGC content through a video production partner, and influencer video through our internal PR team. Additionally, I directed and designed graphics for static and motion ads.

We developed a process on how to brief, direct, cut, and add caption and promo graphics to ads that produced high conversion. We also learned to feature promo offers from the start, since most of our work is focused on the bottom of the funnel. We continued to build on this knowledge into 2023.

High Production Video & Motion Ads

User Generated Content Ads

Static Ads

The Team:

Creative Director - Maddy Hague, Editor: Jacob Valento, Copywriter: Merritt Bamrick, Ops Specialist: Megan Lokensgard.

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