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Shutterfly 2023 Paid Social

Art Director & Designer

As the Art Director and Designer on Shutterfly's newly revived paid social channel – I work closely with the channel creative team and other departments to improve channel processes and enhance creative output. I am responsible for leading creative concept development, procuring and briefing UGC, overseeing the editing of videos and motion graphics, and designing creative content. 


Since the channel's revival in 2022, we have learned to successfully blend user-generated content with brand content to showcase Shutterfly's products for new and returning customers. 


This approach in Q4 2023 led to a $12 Return On Ad Spend (+22% YoY) on our largest platform channel, Meta, resulting in $8.3MM in sales ($+15% YoY) and a reduction in New Customer Acquisition Cost, all driven with -6% spend compared to 2022.

Static Ads

The Team: 

This team started in 2022 with myself, a writer, ops specialist and creative director. Despite being small, we managed to build a new creative process from the ground up that produced high-quality and result-driven creative in quick turnaround times. As the program was established, our team grew in 2023, and I was responsible for onboarding three new members with various titles. We continued to work collaboratively, streamlining processes, pushing creativity, bringing in revenue, and perfecting our GIF game.

Creative Director - Maddy Hague, ACD: Brenda Manthe, Videographer/Editor: Chris Jones, Editor: Jacob Valento, Copywriter: Michael Mango, Ops Specialist: Megan Lokensgard.

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