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Shutterfly x Konmari Campaign

Art Director & Designer

Worked as the Designer and Art Director for the launch of the Shutterfly x KonMari partnership. Bringing the art of transforming joyful moments into cherished keepsakes that spark joy to life across Shutterfly marketing channels. This consisted of photo, video and brand art direction throughout the life of the campaign.

Thanks to effective paid social media campaigns with a ROAS of $3.35 and dedicated emails with an open rate of 34% and a click-through rate of 12%, the partnership surpassed its revenue target of $1 million in just 3 months.

The Team: 

Creative Director: Gabe Pattison, Editor: Eric Chan, Copywriter: Merritt Bamrick, Designers: Oliver Smalls, Mitch Green & Nidal Koteich

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